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Welcome from the Principal

Welcome to St. Victor School!


I am deeply honored and grateful for having the chance to lead our school community as Principal. My many years in the Catholic educational environment as a student, educator, parent, and now an administrator, have strengthened my deep belief that every child…. EVERY child can learn. It doesn’t matter what ethnicity, age, gender, family background, social and economic status, or language they speak…. EVERY CHILD CAN LEARN.


When parents entrust their children to us, we accept these children for who they are, and we begin our journey TOGETHER. According to St. Marie Eugenie, “To educate is to set a child free.” When we educate a young mind, the child is set free to be everything JESUS has meant for him/her to be! When we educate, we unclip their wings and allow them to soar with knowledge, curiosity, creativity, and ultimately, joy!


But education is not merely in the hands of the school instructors. Yes, it takes a village to raise a child. YOU, my dear PARENTS, continue to be our children’s first educators.

  • When they were little and you read books to them - YOU were their educators. 

  • When you took them to the beach and built sand castles or built snowmen in the snow – YOU were their educators

  • When you took them to the discovery museum, the zoo, the aquarium

  • When you took them to hikes, camping, the park, the pet store

  • When you looked at the sunset and at rainbows, YOU were their educators!

  • And yes, when you took them to Church and prayed before they fell asleep at night… YOU were their educators!

Our teachers walk WITH you on this beautiful journey of education. Our teachers continue the journey that you have already started. And together, parents, teachers, administration, pastor, and the entire school and parish community… we work as the VILLAGE to set our children free. We work TOGETHER to ensure that every child can learn. We work together to build St. Victor School, ensuring that all our graduates are:

Children of Faith,

Lifelong Learners, and

Caring and Responsible Citizens.


I thank you for taking the first step in being part of the village for our students.


I thank you for allowing us the opportunity to journey WITH you and your children.






Mrs. Victoria Hinkle



Mrs. Victoria Hinkle, Principal

St. Victor School does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, sex, or disability in the admission of students, the administration of educational policies, scholarship, and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.

The SV Difference


We at St. Victor School are committed to our mission of providing a quality Catholic education for our students within a safe and nurturing environment and we invite you to share in our mission. As the school strives to support your entire family, we are certain that being a member of St. Victor School will bring forth a meaningful partnership in forming Children of Faith, Lifelong Learners, and Caring and Responsible Citizens. 

  • Strong Catholic identity

  • Rigorous academic program

  • Caring and talented faculty and staff

  • Gated and safe campus, quiet neighborhood, expansive outdoor facilities

  • Integrated use of technology

  • Balanced and well-rounded education

  • Schoolwide Service Learning Program

  • Student Success Team (SST)

East Foothills Berryessa in San Jose

216 Students Preschool to 8th Grade

158 Families

13 Credentialed Teachers, 5 With M.A.s

96% of Students are Catholic

Ethnicity Breakdown:  

Asian 69%   //   Multiracial 10%   //   Caucasian 9%   //   Hispanic 9%   //   African-American 1%  //  Hawaiian/Pacific Islander 1% 

High School Readiness:

St. Victor School prepares students to be successful at the high school of their choice. The strength of our program is demonstrated in the advanced courses into which our graduates are accepted at:

  • Archbishop Mitty High School 

  • Bellarmine College Preparatory 

  • Independence High School

  • James Lick High School

  • Notre Dame High School

  • Piedmont Hills High School

  • Presentation High School

  • Saint Francis High School

  • Valley Christian High School


A Letter from our Pastor

Welcome to St. Victor School! Thank you for visiting our website. St Victor Catholic Church in San Jose serves over 2,000 families and is still growing! We hope you find our community welcoming and that you find it a place to call home where we can all worship together in faith. For the past 52 years, St. Victor Catholic School has been providing a quality Catholic education for our students within a safe and nurturing environment. We hope that you will join us in building a community of faith.

God bless you! Serving you in Christ, Fr. Mark Gazzingan

Pastor, St. Victor Parish

Fr. Mark with us.JPG
Garden learning

Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLEs)
As a Child of Faith, a St. Victor graduate will:

  • Know the beliefs of the Catholic Church and participate in Catholic practices and traditions

  • Practice and model Christian values in daily living

  • Develop an awareness of social justice in the school community and the world


As a Lifelong Learner, a St. Victor graduate will:

  • Use his/her knowledge and skills and transfer his/her learning to other subjects

  • Ask questions when he/she does not understand

  • Think independently when he/she does not understand

  • Think independently and apply problem-solving skills

  • Speak and write clearly and correctly

  • Study independently and collaborate with others

  • Develop a desire to grow and learn beyond St. Victor School


As a Caring and Responsible Citizen, a St. Victor graduate will:

  • Commit to service and social justice

  • Show respect towards self and others

  • Appreciate cultural diversity and the arts

  • Exhibit an awareness, concern, and involvement in his/her community

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