Meet Our Faculty and Staff

Fr. Mark Pastor.jpg

Father Mark Gazzingan, Pastor

Mrs.Victoria Hinkle Principal.jpg

Mrs. Victoria Hinkle, Principal

Ms. Nichole Calabio Vice Principal.jpg

Ms. Nichole Calabio, Vice Principal

Mrs. Mary Merten Office ManagerAdmissions.jpg

Mrs. Mary Merten, Admin Assistant & Admissions

Ms. Celeste Viray Preschool Director (1).jpg

Ms. Celeste Viray, Preschool Director

Ms. Norika Abe Preschool Teacher.jpg

Ms. Norkia Abe, Preschool Teacher

Ms. Gabrielle Fincutter Kindergarten.jpg

Ms. Gabrielle Fincutter, Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Diane Andrion Kindergarten Instructional Aid.jpg

Mrs. Diane Andrion, Kindergarten Instructional Aid

Mrs. Carolyn D'Cruz 1st Grade (1).jpg

Mrs. Carolyn D'Cruz, 1st Grade Teacher

Sr. Marie Hopp 1st Grade Instructional Aid.jpg

Sr. Marie Hopp, 1st Grade Instructional Aid

Mrs.Jill Van Huystee 2nd Grade.jpg

Mrs. Jill Van Huystee, 2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Teresita Dumanig 3rd Grade.jpg

Mrs. Teresita Dumanig, 3rd Grade Teacher

Ms. Regina White 4th5th Grade.jpg

Ms. Regina White, 4th & 5th Grade Homeroom Teacher

Mr. Jacob Contreras 8th Grade.jpg

Mr. Jacob Contreras, 8th Grade Homeroom Teacher

Mr. Jim Merten Athletic Director.jpg

Mr. Jim Merten, Athletic Director

Ms. Dominique Salapare 6th Grade.jpg

Ms. Dominique Salapare, 6th Grade Homeroom Teacher

Mrs. Monica Dolci Art.jpg

Mrs. Monica Dolci, Art Teacher

Mr. Carlos Cabrara Facilities Manager.jpg

Mr. Carlos Cabrera, Facilities Manager

Mrs. Surbhi Garg 7th Grade.jpg

Mrs. Surbhi Garg, 7th Grade Homeroom Teacher

Ms.Amanda Ichikawa LibrarianExtended Care.jpg

Ms. Amanda Ichikawa, Librarian and Extended Care

Mr. Gaudalupe Vargas Facilities Assistant.jpg

Mr. Guadalupe Vargas, Facilities Assistant

East Foothills Berryessa in San Jose

216 Students Preschool to 8th Grade

158 Families

13 Credentialed Teachers, 5 With M.A.s

96% of Students are Catholic

Ethnicity Breakdown:  

Asian 69%   //   Multiracial 10%   //   Caucasian 9%   //   Hispanic 9%   //   African-American 1%  //  Hawaiian/Pacific Islander 1% 

High School Readiness:

St. Victor School prepares students to be successful at the high school of their choice. The strength of our program is demonstrated in the advanced courses into which our graduates are accepted at:

  • Archbishop Mitty High School 

  • Bellarmine College Preparatory 

  • Independence High School

  • James Lick High School

  • Notre Dame High School

  • Piedmont Hills High School

  • Presentation High School

  • Saint Francis High School

  • Valley Christian High School


Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLEs)
As a Child of Faith, a St. Victor graduate will:

  • Know the beliefs of the Catholic Church and participate in Catholic practices and traditions

  • Practice and model Christian values in daily living

  • Develop an awareness of social justice in the school community and the world


As a Lifelong Learner, a St. Victor graduate will:

  • Use his/her knowledge and skills and transfer his/her learning to other subjects

  • Ask questions when he/she does not understand

  • Think independently when he/she does not understand

  • Think independently and apply problem-solving skills

  • Speak and write clearly and correctly

  • Study independently and collaborate with others

  • Develop a desire to grow and learn beyond St. Victor School


As a Caring and Responsible Citizen, a St. Victor graduate will:

  • Commit to service and social justice

  • Show respect towards self and others

  • Appreciate cultural diversity and the arts

  • Exhibit an awareness, concern, and involvement in his/her community