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Our Co-Curriculum


The Electives program began in 2014. The purpose of the program is to foster learning outside from the traditional academic subjects. Examples of past elective classes are: Growing in the Garden, Little Engineers, Drawing, STEAM, Dance, Entrepreneurship, Robotics, Chess, and Cooking. Elective choices vary from semester to semester.


Fine Arts

Art - Grades 6-8 has a dedicated art teacher. Students receive an hour of

art instruction once a week. Students in grades K-5 are taught art lessons by the

homeroom teacher.


Music - St. Victor has a dedicated music instructor for grades K-8. Grades K-4

receive a half hour of music instruction per week. Grades 5-8 receive sixty minutes of music instruction per week. The music program puts on two performances during the school year - a Christmas program and a Spring Concert.



Students in grades 4-8 are given the opportunity to join St. Victor School’s Concert Choir. The choir provides music for liturgies and events. They also perform at the Diocese of San Jose Choral Festival. Rehearsals are held at lunch, one day a week.

Physical Education 

St. Victor has a dedicated P.E. instructor. Kindergarten has P.E. three times a week for a half hour. First grade through eighth grade has P.E. once a week for 50 minutes.

Service Learning Program

The community outreach program at St. Victor School has been active since the beginning. Each class participates in a service project.  Classes have led drives for clothing donations for the homeless, cards for veterans, placemats for Martha's Kitchen, and many others. St. Victor School's Service Learning Program epitomizes our commitment to forming Caring and Responsible Citizens. This school wide program begins with Social Awareness in the younger grades and progresses towards social action and community involvement as the students enter into the Junior High level. It is the school's goal that our students become actively involved in Jesus' call towards the transformation of society.

service learning programs


extended care schools

Extended Care

The Extended Care Program at St. Victor School was created to assist parents in providing quality childcare for their students. Our Extended Care Program is available only to school-age students enrolled in St. Victor School. It is staffed by qualified, experienced personnel under the direction of the principal. The program at St. Victor School focuses on cultivating a positive self-image, respect for others and a responsible attitude for self and others through activities, quiet time and play. It is available from 7:00 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. and 2:15 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday when school is in session. Extended Care is closed on school holidays and on the last day of school. 

team sports at st victor school


The St. Victor after-school athletic program is an extension of the educational mission of St. Victor School. As such, it enriches the life of the St. Victor’s community by providing for interscholastic athletic competition within a context of Gospel values. Students in grades 5-8 have the opportunity to participate in the after school sports program. Volleyball (girls) and football are played in fall; basketball is played in winter; track (a non-league sport for grades 2 - 8), softball (girls) and volleyball (boys) are played in spring. 

choir at church

Music Matters and Musical Theater

St. Victor contracts with Music Matters to provide instruction in various musical instruments and singing on Wednesdays after school. The fees for these programs are not included in the tuition. Applications are available at the beginning of the school year. 

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