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Student Life

Spiritual​ Formation


We at St. Victor School give importance to our Catholic identity. To emphasize this, we gather as a community for Masses and prayer services. Celebrations of the Eucharist and prayer services include attendance at daily Masses, as well as Masses for the beginning of the school year, saints’ feasts, Holy Days of Obligation, Catholic Schools Week, and other Church feast days. These religious experiences are prepared by the different classes, and are graced with the presence of our priests and parents.  Students are invited to participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation during Lent. Second grade students prepare for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion. St. Victor School students also take part in daily prayers and in annual retreats. 

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chrismas program


St. Victor School recognizes the need to build school unity. On Tuesdays and special days, the Student Council conducts school assemblies. These begin with prayers, the pledge to the flag, and our own school pledge. Assemblies take many forms. They are used for welcoming new students, recognizing students for their achievements, celebrating birthdays, preparing songs for school liturgies, providing important information, school activities, and more. Our priests, administrators, faculty, and staff also take this opportunity to address the school community about different topics. 


The Physical Education Program at St. Victor School provides a safe and fun environment for students to develop athletic skills. Beginning in Grade 5, students can participate in sports after school. Our coaches emphasize good skills, sportsmanship and teamwork. The following sports are offered each season:




Boys' Flag Football

Girls’ Volleyball 



Boys' Basketball

Girls’ Basketball




Boys' Volleyball

Girls’ Flag Football

Boys' Track & Field

Girls' Track & Field 

Performing & Visual Arts


Students enjoy music and art classes (Grades 4-8) once a week.  ​ All students perform for the annual Christmas and Spring Sing concerts.  An art show presenting the best of students’ creations is held at the Spring Sing.

The choir, made up of students from grades 4-8, leads the school in liturgies and  participates every year in the Diocesan Elementary School Choral Festival. 

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Showing Off Learning

In our mission to educate the whole child, St. Victor School offers and participates in a diverse set of competitive events and learning showcases each year. These include the American Achievement, Diocesan Choral Festival, Envision Explorer STEM Summer Program, Geography Bee, Johns Hopkins Talent Search, poetry contests, Science Fair, Scripps Spelling Bee, WordMasters Challenge, and Young Authors Fair. Students gain additional knowledge and skills as they are challenged to perform and excel. An experienced panel for each of these events can offer participants useful feedback for self-improvement to grow further. Schoolwide participation in these events demonstrates how well a discipline is integrated into our school programs and culture.

Outside School Learning Opportunities

Junior High students have unique learning opportunities outside of the school campus. Each year, sixth graders attend science camp at Walden West and  seventh graders attend a religious retreat at the CYO Retreat Center. These are exciting opportunities for the students. The fees for these trips are not included in monthly tuition. Parents will be notified about the fees and billing dates in advance. 

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​Student Council


The Student Council meets weekly and guides the student body in some of the service projects. In addition, the Student Council leads the school in prayer, promotes school spirit, maintains the ecology program, and keeps students informed of school news.

Students in grades 4-7 elect students from grades 5-7 as “Commissioners” to serve on Student Council for the next school year. Class Representatives are selected and/or elected from grades 4-8 of the current year. The purpose of the Student Council shall be to serve as positive role models, to demonstrate good leadership, and to develop school spirit.

Student Success Team (SST)


St. Victor School’s Student Success Team (SST) aims to assist students in becoming more successful in school and at home. Classroom teachers and administrators collaborate with the students and their families in addressing concerns or solving problems. The SST serves as a support system and meetings may involve other individuals who are able to contribute to the success of the student. 

Student success team
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