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Since its groundbreaking ten years ago, the fourth grade teachers had cultivated a 6-square-foot plot on the side of the school field with their class of about 30 students. Then three years ago, the fourth grade teacher opened the garden up to all the grades in her gardening elective. Since then, she has used part of the garden space to have her Friday garden elective class grow seasonal fruits and vegetables to be harvested and distributed mostly to their own families. The leftovers are donated to the larger parish community and Second Harvest Food Bank. With the maintenance supervisor's expertise in horticulture and farming, the school garden today boasts 5000 square feet of several plots, a makeshift greenhouse, a mini toolshed, and a grape arbor. The harvests yield a couple hundred pounds of organic produce. 

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St. Victor School’s bountiful garden has the potential to grow.


Financial and hands-on support from the school community, as well as sponsorships secured from neighborhood landscaping and garden supply vendors, will sustain the school garden long-term. As part of the Teaching the Mind, Feeding the Soul Initiative, we will construct an outdoor classroom to maximize our garden's capacity to gather and seat entire classes. Once it is fully constructed, our volunteer Garden Coordinator, will be able to expand her elective program to include weekly gardening instruction in the outdoor classroom for each class from preschool to fifth grade for a total of 177 students. This space will also facilitate the second phase of the initiative, the implementation of a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary program, a community outreach component, and garden-to-table program. With coordination and support, we hope to nurture healthy, respectful stewards of the earth. By pressing donate below you can make a donation to fund the garden program for the students of St. Victor School. You can choose any amount you want through PayPal

Employer Matching Gifts: 

One of the goals that the Development Office of St. Victor School made this year was to seek outside sources of funding. One way to achieve this goal is to tap into corporate giving programs. Corporate giving programs benefit the corporation by providing more visibility, branding, and are evidence of social responsibility. St. Victor will work hard to plan and ensure that donations and additional funding go to the programs in our school that are most in need. To find out if your employer has a matching gift program, contact your human resources department or email the Development Director at


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