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Teacher Wish Lists


From Lakeshore Learning:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Kids’ Croquet   (GM771)

  • Soft & Safe Beanbags - Set of 6   (225BB)

  • See-Me Privacy Partition - Set of 10   (JJ635)

  • Giant Magnetic Geometric Shapes   (EE924)

  • Lakeshore Learn to Measure Center   (RR433)

  • I Can Build Simple Words TT194   (TT194)

  • Community Workers Book Set PP169  (PP169)


First Grade

  • Kevin Henkes books: Wemberly Worried, Sheila Rae, the Brave, Owen, Kitten’s First Full Moon, Julius, the Baby of the World, Lilly’s Big Day, A Weekend with Wendell, Penny and Her Marble, Penny and Her Doll, Penny and Her Song, Jessica

  • From

  • A Box of Treats: Five Little Picture Books about Lilly and Her Friends

  • From Lakeshore Learning:

  • STEM Science Stations #TT155X

  • Design & Build Engineering Centers #PP750X

  • Block and Blueprints Learning Center #FF579

  • Story Sequencing Cards #FF955X

  • Can Do! Science Discovery Kits #HH225X

Second Grade

  • Big TV-screen size 43 inches

  • Large geometric shapes


Third Grade

  • Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB Headset H390 Noise cancelling headphones (30) Laptop cart

  • Ceiling mounted projector


Fourth Grade

From Lakeshore Learning:

  • Electricity Activity Lab #PP529

  • Cells and Organisms Activity Tub #DD358


  • Diffusion and Osmosis student laboratory kit

  • Vitamin C Analysis kit

  • Lens, Double concave

  • Lens, Double convex



  • Folding ball cart/bag

  • Flip board score board

  • Tachikara volleyballs

  • Badminton rackets (class set)

  • Short handled paddles (class set)

  • Manual ball inflator/pump

  • Portable soccer goals 

Fifth Grade

  • From Lakeshore Learning:

  • Write & Wipe Lapboard - Set of 28

  • Write & Wipe Thin-Line Markers - Class Pack

  • Reading Comprehension Games Library Gr 4-5

  • Grammar & Writing Folder Fame Library Gr. 4-5

  • Grab & Play Social Studies Game

  • Write & Wipe USA Map

  • Set of Thesauruses - 28


Sixth Grade

  • Large Statue of Our Lady for the classroom altar area (at least 24”)

  • Blank books for Young Author’s Fair work

Seventh Grade

  • Blank books for Young Author’s Fair work


Eighth Grade

  • Blank books for Young Author’s Fair work


  • New Nonfiction Books for Library - Mythology, Space/Planets, Animal



  • Tarp

  • Hardware cloth

  • Picnic tables and market umbrellas


Music & Technology

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